Membership Application

Membership Application

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Marketing Launch Society is an exclusive group of marketing students passionate
about launching their careers. But amongst their drive to succeed, our members do
not forget that we can go father together then alone. Meaning we encourage and
support each other along this journey. Group participation and accountability is a big
part of Marketing Launch Society so we ask that you bring a commitment to positive
thought, encouraging words, and active participation.

If you think you are a good fit for our tribe, follow the directions below to apply.
Current enrollment ends, October 29, 2019. We wish you the best!

Step 1. Submit your video application.

Share a quick 3-minute video about why you want to be a part of Marketing Launch Society. Address the following points:

1. What is driving you forward?
2. How committed are you to achieving your goals and doing the work?
3. Also share what makes you a great team-player.

This group is as much about giving as it is about what you get out of it. We hold each other in high esteem and encourage each other to keep moving.

Step 2. Pay your application fee of $79

1. This covers your first month’s tuition of $69
2. And the one time processing fee of $10 for reviewing you application and setting up your account.
3. Your monthly fee of $69 is fully refundable if you are not accepted. The $10 processing fee is not.

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